IQDAX provides traders and investors of all skill levels access to a world of financial opportunities. With its new ambassador program, the company is going even further to create new avenues of investment and opportunity.

Here are a few key facts about the program, and how to get involved!

What is an Ambassador Program?

Put simply, ambassador programs are an opportunity for individuals to represent a company or service in the public arena. The IQDAX Ambassador Program fulfills these criteria, while also providing plenty of added benefits in return for taking part.

Ambassadors typically will spend time sharing their enthusiasm for the company they are an ambassador for, helping to introduce others to its benefits.

Introducing the IQDAX Ambassador Program

The IQDAX ambassador program is global in scale, and operates under the TradeElite brand name. TradeElite is founded on the basic principles of connecting, growing and thriving – emphasizing the interconnected nature of this offering.

Ambassadors have lots to gain from joining, including access to an ambassador portal complete with a special members-only area, marketing materials and ongoing ambassador support. This is the perfect helping hand for enthusiastic ambassadors who find themselves stuck for new ideas and tactics. Additional incentives to join will be unveiled in the months to come.

Types of Ambassadorship

IQDAX ambassadors can choose from varying levels of support and rewards, based on their preferences and needs.

Ambassadorships start with the New Ambassador offering, which provides basic support and low commission rewards to those taking part. Next up, there’s the VIP Ambassadors, who are granted extended rewards and greater support from IQDAX. They also receive a share in the platform’s crypto token.

Last but not least, the Exclusive Ambassador is the ideal type for those who want to make the most of being an ambassador. It provides top level commissions, big rewards and the best in class support, ensuring IQDAX users who choose this option will always get lots back in return for helping IQDAX grow.

Future Plans for IQDAX Ambassadorship

As IQDAX continues to grow, there are plans to continue expanding the Ambassador Program and offer fantastic new benefits to members. The success of the platform comes down to its users, and spreading the word about the perks and possibilities of trading and investing online.

To find out more about IQDAX and its ambassador program, head to the official website and the Ambassadors’ Portal at

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