The popularity of cryptocurrency continues to grow, with more and more investors and traders – whether experienced or amateur – finding value in this asset class.

Let’s take a quick look at five of the key benefits to be gained from becoming a crypto trader!


It’s possible to start trading crypto at a relatively low entry point, which helps make this a highly accessible asset class for beginner traders and investors.

In addition, the cryptocurrency market is usually available round the clock. Traders of crypto generally need access to a digital wallet, where they store their assets. This will be set up as part of the process of becoming a trader on your chosen platform. Thankfully, it is seldom a complicated process, and with the right trading platform, you’ll be ready to get started within minutes.

Significant profit margins

The ability to make a significant profit is one of the many reasons investors and traders are drawn to this form of digital asset. Cryptocurrency is famously ‘volatile’, with rates rapidly fluctuating.

This could make more cautious traders concerned, but in actuality it is a wonderful thing, enabling users to see an equally rapid increase in the value of their assets.

Multi-asset trading

At IQDAX, we integrated all financial markets into a single platform to provide trading environment for all major asset classes including cryptocurrency, forex, stocks, futures and CFDs. This is a key benefit of IQDAX, which retains the profitability of cryptocurrencies while allowing cross-asset trading alongside forex, commodities and stocks.

Safety and security

Another draw for new traders and investors is the simple safety of cryptocurrency. Few people are willing to risk their security while trading, but blockchain technology helps ensure each transaction is carried out to a high standard of safety. Various authentication processes ensure traders can operate on a risk-free level when it comes to their personal data, ensuring a more appealing way to trade.

Trade anytime, anywhere

One major benefit of cryptocurrency is its wide trading window. Cryptocurrency is usually available to trade all day, every day. This is made possible because crypto is a decentralised asset, with no market governance deciding when it can be traded.

In general, cryptocurrency is traded directly, resulting in the worldwide movement of the asset at all hours of the day and night. Whilst this sounds appealing, potential investors should keep in mind that there will still be some times when platforms need to update their infrastructure, resulting in a temporary inability to trade.

However, the availability of the cryptocurrency market makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for flexibility.

Ready to start your own financial journey?

At IQDAX, we specialise in margin trading. Whether a trader or an investor, our easy-to-use platform helps you access the financial markets securely. Opening an account is quick and easy – so you’ll soon be discovering a world of crypto, commodities, stocks and Forex.

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